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why groove food?

i suppose for the same reason i named my daughter lola. how can you not have fun in life with a name like that? i cook because i am a pleasure chaser and i've found it most in the kitchen. food moves me. i am often asked to describe the style of food i make. dumbfounded, i reply "california-ish." it seems apt; i am in lust with the golden state, especially its abundant and gorgeous fruits and vegetables. i like food that is bright, but sensual, clean, but intriguing, and tinged with endless influences. most of all, i love surprises.

who are you?

my name is lauren m.w.. i live on a canyon in del mar, california. the kitchen has a skylight - swoon. i am a cook by trade, a mommy, and a student, currently completing a masters program in gastronomy through the cordon bleu. if you have a great idea for my dissertation, don't hold back! (seriously, my email is above). my favorite meal was a smoked chicken my dad made and FedEx'd to me in college when i told him i wasn't crazy about dining hall food. my aim in life is to love wildly, and guide my girls to do the same. i also wouldn't mind convincing them that arugula is delicious.